Thursday, March 8, 2007

Is HIlary Clinton For Real?

Well, Are the voters of America really looking forward to electing Senator Hilary Clinton to carry the Democrat Party banner in 2008. When you look at the rhetoric that comes from her mouth, you need to wonder, Is it Bill? or is it Hilary???
I know many women who are not going to support Hilary Clinton in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, they see her as "Backward to the Womens Progressive Movement in the Boardroom." Many women would like to see her go away and concentrate on the issues within the Senate. I agree, she should get out of the race now.
Hilary Clinton's positions change from County to County, State to State. As the press has made the War, the issue of the Presidential campaign and the candidates are offering their positions,not one candidate other than myself has a viable solution.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Okay! Here we go again. Gasoline in New Jersey "Regular" at a Chavez Citgo Station on Route 130 is $2.35 a gallon as of this morning. Why the Rise? The American citizen is being raped by the Oil companies, and the Hedge Fund Money Managers, George Bush, Dick Cheney and their circle of Arab Oil Shieks and the Robber Oil Barrons here in the US of A. are sticking it to all of us. My gas usage averages $60.00 per week, before Bush took office, my gas usage was $20.00 per week. My weekly miles traveled has not changed. To the VOTERS who supported G.W.Bush and the guy pulling G.W.'s strings Mr. "DICK" Cheney, I salute your for screwing up America on many fronts, plus the biggest fraud of them all the War in Iraq. G. W. and Friends have now destabilized the Mideast and because of the stupid rules of engagement, American lives are being lost daily.
I want to know Where is Osama? The George and Dick show is almost over, I hope the democrats stop tripping over one another to realize now that we are in Iraq, We need to win the fight against terrorism and I want to know from the Democrat candidates, What are they going to do to lower the gasoline prices. I believe Hilary is a phony, Obama is a flash in the pan, Edwards won't go beyond South Carolina, Biden, I doubt he could be more than a favorite son of Delaware, and the others will end up at the bottom and drop out before the 2007 is even over.

Monday, March 5, 2007


Did anyone catch the special on the Dark Ages on History Channel? I did it was great, it reminds me on how America and the other World Powers are moving into the Age Of Darkness again. Here is my theory. 1. The Icecaps in the Peruvian mountains are melting, 2. The Weather is changing rapidly,3. The politics of our U.S. Government has our Military in over 120 countries,4. We are trying too hard to satisfy every nationality within our borders with "equality rights" already guaranteed by our Bill of Rights for all "American Citizens."
Around the globe, you have the Have's-Nations's of Wealth, the so called Global "8", Then you have the Middle Nations approximately 50 nations, then the balance ot what is termed the Third World. Wow, a mouthful, then let's start with who has made the Dark Ages another coming, it is the European governments, they cry about everything, they want the U.S. to do all thier military bidding, their armies are vintage World War II, their offensive capabilites are Zero. As President, I would pull American Land and Air Forces from Europe and bring them home, this would force the Europeans to build up their armies and defend their own borders.

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Friday, March 2, 2007


YOU REMEMBER HIM, ALLEN GREENSPAN WHO THE OTHER DAY, WARNED OF A POSSIBLE "RECESSION." I want to know what he was smoking when he made that statement.
He sent the EEEE-MMMOTIONAL stock market down 400 points. It is time for Mr.Greenspan to enjoy retirement. Here is how I see the economy. The numbers support a "military economy" look at Smith & Wesson for example, they are making bullets and our soldiers are using them up, there stock has been up and down too. Look at the employment levels of dedicated Defense Contractors(Should we call them Defense Contractors), there employment is UP,Up,Up!, no lay-offs there, Look at GM, they make the Hummer, and are retrofitting the Hummer to withstand IED's, larger dollars for GM, their stock is doing better.

Once we begin to downsize our involvement in the Middle East, there will be a financial adjsutment period and a round of layoffs at many defense industries, but I don't believe America will fall into a recession. I believe we need to cut spending and eliminate all government subsidies in all industries.



OBAMA He is peaking Now

Senator Obama: is "Peaking." I don't believe he will "BE" a viable candidate in January of 2008. He is currently the darling of the Media, He is the "story of the week," A man born of two skin tones, bright, much potential and yes Presidential attributes all the way. However I think he is too liberal for America. Everybody but myself are shouting to Pull out of Iraq, right now. Mr.Obama is a major supporter of pulling out right now. I want to know what he would do, before he orders a major pullout,
Mr.Obama What is your Withdraw strategy and time frame?

Joe Friday March 2,2008

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