Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Well: he is a popular radio personality, the politicians and the book writers love him. He made a major gaffe National Radio and all the SO-CALLED VOICES OF BLACK AMERICA have called to roll the head of Sir DON IMUS.

The last time I looked we are in a free country,(with many sensors) and many sensitive people and Black politicians and religious leaders and of course the infamous and notorious of them all the Reverend Al Sharpton. It amazes me, How he and Jesse Jackson get away with so much controversy of their own and everyone in the "WHITE/JEWISH MEDIA" stays silent or be losted as Black Bashers and "the infamous RACIST."

I am An American, born of Italian Heritage, do yo think I care if someone calls be a DAGO, or a WAP, or a GREESSE BALL.(South philly slang here,) I don't give a shit, name calling is "free speech, hit, assault me, attempt to harm be physically and I will defend myself and row you over a few times.

It is time for the self-positioned black leadership in our country to quit the whining and for black america to realize that Sharpton, Jackson and others are seeking a divided America to keep their leadership status, earn big bucks sitting on the butts and working the black and minority uneducated population to support them in their divisional/racist speeches on all Americans.

Obama is someone who more than Tiger Woods offer hope to Black Americans because he displays a man of Education, he is a brilliant regular guy, who I look to as an individual like me, not black, not white, just a smart intelligent individual. When Color becomes a non-issue America will unite to be an even greater country. While Black Americans and the Press allow people like Sharpton and Jackson to take the stage and allow them to make "racist comments", we move back to the stone age. The Cival War is over. Life is not easy, if you work smart and you work hard, regardless of color of a persons skin, you will succeed.

Americans need to get their head outside their neighborhood door and learn about their own country and get the hell off your ass and vote. Everytime an American passes on voting he/she is part of the social and economic problem.