Friday, December 12, 2008

Shame on the UAW!

Well, Their you have it! The UAW has rejected the stipulations set by the Senate for the dollars needed to keep the "Legacy" American Auto Industry on life support. Since the UAW refused to agree to the Senate plan.

I propose the Big Three meet their financial metrics by cutting 60% of the employment base.
Here is an example: 1,000 workers earning $75.00 an hour, well, cut it to 400 workers earning $75.00 a hour, discontinue product lines, and spin-off other product lines as independent companies, such as SATURN and PONTIAC.

$75.00 x 1000 employees= $75,000.00
$75.00 x 400 employees = $30,000.00
The UAW membership retains the current wages at the detriment of the other 600 fellow Union members.

Here is a suggestion: Take the 50% pay cut and be fortunate you still have a job or continue to be stubborn and lose your job and your home, your car etc.

I own a Saturn ION, its my third Saturn vehicle. This version of my ION II, cost me more money and offered me less extra's, It also runs poorly and its a 2007 model.

My next car will be a "HONDA Hybrid!"

I will not support the American Three from this day forward: GM, Chrysler, and Ford.
You can bank on that .

Go Phillies

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hello Everyone:

We have a New President: Barack Obama, Yeh Baby!
Now for the good stuff, Gasoline will hit .99 a gallon by Spring, maybe sooner!
The Senate will not bailout the "BIG THREE", say hello to Bankruptcy!
I believe, Congress should force GM & Chrysler to merge!
I believe, GM should spin off Saturn as an independent car company!
I believe, The Big Three needs to introduce fuel efficient cars in 2009, not 2012.

When you hear the politicos, crying that we need an American auto industry, we do have an American auto industry, Honda, BMW, TOYOTA, etc, they all have US plants, Cars are built here in the USA. Do we really need to keep GM, Chrysler, and Ford limping along? I don't think so!!!

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Have a great day and GO PHILS!