Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Our War Veterans from "ALL WARS," deserve the best medical care not only for their injuries but for their families. If given the opportunity to become President, I would shut down every Veterans Hospital and contract with all U.S. Private hospitals, Short Term and Long Term Care Facilities to take on the full responsibility of caring for our wounded in battle and for their families who now due to the soldiers injury cannot work at his or her potential to offer their immediate families the quality of life they expected from their now handicapped spouse,sibling and/or child. By shutting down obsolete medical facilities we will be doing the injured a great service and the taxpayer would finally see, True care for Real dollars expended.

Further, every individual who serves his country in a battlezone should automatically qualify his/her children full educational coverage to any college, university, or technical school their children desire to enter, all free of charge and upon death in battle his/her family should continue to receive the pay/compensation until the deceased soldiers children are out of college and have entered the workforce and the spouse should be covered financially for life and if he/she remarries the income should only be reduced by 50%.

I believe in our military and their families should be taken care of, because they suffer too, when the man and /or women of the family is not available, you could say, they are on the front lines too.
I believe the candidates seeking office are not focused on the lives of our military families and when they do speak, they no not what they are speaking about.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Six Million Dollar Man

Hello Everybody:

John Edwards wants to be the President for the Little Guy, The Joe Sixpack, The Mom who is raising kids all by herself. Give me a Break. He looks good, reminds me of Glen Campbell, Only John Edwards is the Rhinstone Presidential Candidate. The Ambulance Chasing lawyer who made good. I have no probelm with financial success, but don't walk around in regualr guy clothes when you are really a Pinstriper. It is time for all of the Presidential candidates to be "REAL", I remember when John Kerry was in South Philadelphia campaigning and he visited Geno's Steaks, and Pat's Steaks, when he received a steak sandwich, he requested Lorraine chees or something like that, he ended up with Cheez Wiz, HE took one bite and put it down, Kerry attempted to be a regular guy, He failed at it.

The voters of this counrty need to look beneath the hood of all of the Presidential candidates and really find out how there engines run. Look a GW Bush, no one bothered looking under his hood and we all got hoodwinked and as for The Dick, as in Dick Cheney, his is a menace to Democracy and World safety and American society, I look forward to his retirement.

HE is the guy running the show along with Daddy Bush and the Oil Shieks of Saudi Arabia.



Monday, February 26, 2007

Washington D.C. is like the Dodge City of Old

Washington D.C. is like the Dodge City of the Old Days, when the city ran wild and they needed a sheriff to clean it up. In the same tradition, I want to go to Washington D.C. as your President and clean out the Lobbyist who try influence our elected officials with dollars on top of dollars. Our Nations capital is flush with cash-Pay to Play cash, Dialing for dollars, a fistful full of dollars.

Here is what I hope to achieve: 1. We need lobbyist, it is a very important cog in the wheel of commerce, but we can limit the money flows, the lobbyist is a great source for information about the many issues that surround our daily lives, So here is a thought.
A... We limit political fund raising to Congressional Districts and for Congressional candidates, We limit fund raising for Senators to their own State, We allow Lobbyist to donate only to the State Organizations and that money must be split evenly among the competing non-incumbent candidates, to level the playing field. The lobbyist contributions would also go into a general fund for elections, where the money would be specifially targeted to federal elections and to federal candidates, regardless of their party affiliation, this would empower Independents to seek office and ope nup the process. I am sure once I detail my idea, it can pass any Constitutional challenges. Individuals will still be able to give to the candidate of their choice, but non-residents would have to send the contributions to legal political organizations of the candidate with his/her name designated for the funds. The spending limits would be no more than $5.00 per voter inthe last election combined at the Congressional District level and at the State level. For example if the total votes cast in the 1st Congressional district general election were 100,000 votes(all votes tallied) then the incumbent and his competitors would be limited to raising and spending $500,0000 in the primary and $500,0000 in the General election, and cannot raise or spend any more funds. Outside entities such as the party machinery may spend an equal amount and no more and other political or individuals would be limited to $500,000.

Lobbyist and lobbyist firms dollars collected must be split among all candidates in the Primary and General election cycle. left over funds can be saved for future races.


Hello: Welcome to my blog. In 2008 we will be electing someone for President. I am a registered Democrat. I am considering seeking the office of President. I own a small Electronics business. I do custom electronics harness assemblies and printed circuit board assemblies.
I consider myself an entrepreneur. Another part of my business is Custom Embroidery and Heat Transfers for Apparel and I make Custom Wood Baseball Bats.
Now Why would an ordinary guy like me attempt to run for President who doesn't have "elected-public office experience." Who doesn't have much money, living week to week caring for a wife and 2-children 23 & 17. Who is not in the pocket of any lobbyist firm, who doesn't have to answer to the special interests to raise enormous amoutns of money to campaign.
My plan is to campaign should I run by starting in New Hampshire and then based on how it goes move into the other States. The only problem is the Democrat party wants to load all the primaries together within a two month span, killing any chance of a candidate with limited funds to receive the attention from the "VOTERS", those people who care about where their country goes.
This is my first Blog and my first question to Hilary Clinton is: You sound like a Monday morning quarterback concerning the invasion of Iraq, with your statement, IF I KNOW NOW, WHAT THE SITUATION ON THE GROUND WOULD BE, I WOULD NOT HAVE VOTED FOR THE INVASION OF IRAQ?
Give me a break Hilary, to make statements about the war in Iraq, as you have is irresponsible.

Now that we are in Iraq, it is time for the Generals to do their job, and the politicians in Washington to "SHUT UP." Its funny how the surrounding Arab states such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, don't have substantial troops in the country assisting U.S. Forces, I remember we freed the Kuwaities, didn't we send American Armor, soldiers and incurU.S. Casualties. Why are the Arabs so quiet. Why aren't they spilling some of their soldiers blood.
The U.S. must move through every street in force without let up for the next 6-months, and put on display our military might., If our soldiers are going to die, it is more honorable for them to die in battle than to be sitting ducks and snipered at, and blown to pieces by IED's.
If I were President, I would gather our troops and tell the Generals to let loose and I would force Iraqies to be conscripted into the army, after all its' their country, do they want democracy or do they want another radical as their leader, I would have them trained here in America and sent back to the fight and be on the front lines.
I would split the country offering the Kurds their independence, to hell with Turkey, I would warn Syria to stop arming the militias' and I would send a very clear message to Iran to back off or face an American bombing of their nuclear facilities, military infrastructure and key utiliy and oil infrastructure they would have three days to answer me. (the Iranian message would be carried out with a direct phone call to Irans religiouos leaders). And finally I would ban U.S. Import of Iranian Oil and other Iranian products into the U.S. and its territories.
At the same time, I would take over Citgo from The Venezualan Leader, stop importing Chavez Oil and ban all products from his counrty from entering the U.S. including the famous Seedless grapes that make their way into the ports of Philadelphia. It is time America stop kissing up to these Banana Republic Political leaders and it is time to revive the Big Stick policy of Teddy Roosevelt.
IF you are tired too, let me know.
More Later.