Thursday, June 4, 2009


The White House Talks, The State House Leaders Talk, Local Government Talks, But are they walking the walk on Renewable energy? Lets begin with my Home State New Jersey, Here is What I propose: All Utilities in the State and any private Solar Energy Company approved by the State can offer to mount Solar Panels and related accessories onto the roofs of complete neighborhoods and businesses, operate the Solar Panels as an "Array" or run the power parallel from one home to the other, in order to allow uninterrupted usage by each homeowner and business.
Each homeowner and business who chooses to have solar power placed on their roof agrees to free energy and all excess energy goes back to the utility company who installed the panels,even when the sunlight is down and power is at a minimum, the utility kicks in and supplies the power at their expense.

New Jersey would eventually become an almost Fossil Free Energy State. In addition to the Solar Panels. In addition to the Solar Panels, the utilities will contract to remove all current standard water tanks and replace with Tankless (instant)Hot Water heaters, and the payment for the new tankless heaters will come from the Solar Sun Credits a home and business is returning monthly to the utility company.

The Utility company would also be responsible for the roof structure of the home and any insurance needed to protect the roof will be the responsibility of the utility company.

New Jersey can lead the way to alternative energy usage on a Grand Scale, if they would only hire someone to provide the vision, guidance and leadership in alternative energy usage and implementation, now ,not then years from now.

The Obama administration is willing to give billions of dollars for alternative energy usage, give me the position and I will have NJ the global leader in Energy conservation and innovation.

Go Phillies

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