Friday, June 19, 2009


Keep your credit cards home when you decide to shop. Use cash and where you can use your debit cards or personal checks. Every person who decides not to use there Credit Card is putting a big gash into the wallets of the Credit Card issuers, they only make money when you use the CC. So don't use it, if you can avoid it.

Capital One is hurting big time, from less usage and from people who are defaulting on the rip-off interest rates of 25% to 30%. Their is a backlash from many people who paid on-time and viewed their interest rates rise from 5% to 20%+.

The less you use your card, the more hurt you put the the CC companies.
Continue to Twitter and write Congress to place a CAP of 10% interest on all credit cards. Twits growing in volumes globally to CUT THE CARD.

Go Phillies

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