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I like the idea that Delaware is moving forward with Sports Betting.
It's also nice to see that Pennsylvania is debating bringing Table games to there Slots Parlors, preparing for full gaming and sending a severe blow to the gaming industry of New Jersey.

While New Jersey continues to be the Highest Property Taxed State in the Nation with both legislative houses controlled by Democrats and a Democrat who calls himself a Governor, WOW AGAIN!.

IT seems New Jersey politicians are sleeping on the job, and Casino executives aren't working to improve their situation either. IT's clear the "LOSER" in all the gaming/gambling news and events has gotten New Jersey surrounded like George Custer at Little Big Horn. Poor Government leadership, a lazy inept legislature and poor gaming manaagement by the Casino Owners has led to the "DEMISE OF THE NEW JERSEY CASINO INDUSTRY." IT's not just the economy that has done New Jersey gaming in, its their change in marketing tactics, their increase in the cost of playing table games, and their reduction in player comps, its the look and feel of Atlantic City itself that has changed, but not changed enough for the visitor to stay longer and other factors that have caused Atlantic City's gaming industry into bankruptcy of five casino properties and the caution by investors to build additional properties in Atlantic City, NJ

New Jersey needs to move away from Atlantic City, it needs to allow gaming at all its race tracks (racino's), it needs to allow full gaming operations in Camden County and other Counties throughout the State, it needs to use these funds to lower or eliminate the cost of taxpayers funding the schools. I pay $2,716.00 a year in School taxes in Deptford Township and I don't have any children in the school system, that is 56% of my taxes of $5,700.00 a year for a home with an resale value of under $250,000, and its a town-home with a Gestapo like Home Owners Association.


The NFL has grown accustomed to getting their way. They hold their players to a high standard, and they have become a juggernaut of a lobbying force. That did not help the league, however, in court on Wednesday when they had a request turned away by Judge Gregory Sleet.

The judge ruled against a request of a temporary injunction that would have stopped Delaware from offering sports betting until a trial that sports leagues have filed against the state was complete. The judge's ruling will allow Delaware to move along with their sports gambling plans.

Today's ruling was particularly pleasing for Delaware because state lawmakers are hoping that the sports betting will be in place before the start of the NFL season. Today's ruling clears the way for NFL gambling to begin in September.

"The state is moving forward with its plans to offer a full compliment of sports lottery options by the start of the NFL season September 10th," said Joe Rogalsky, Spokesman for Governor Jack Markell, "We look forward to a vindication of our position at trial in December.

The trial date has been set for December 7th. The NFL has joined forces with the NHL, NBA, and NCAA to file the lawsuit claiming that Delaware should not have the legal right to offer sports betting. The state is one of four that were exempt from the Professional Amateur Sports protection Act of 1992.

Other sports have stayed out of the legal battle. NASCAR, the only major sport that actually has events in Delaware, has not joined the other leagues in their fight against legalized gambling. NASCAR already runs races in Las Vegas, where sports books are legal, and the sport has had minimal problems with betting in Nevada.

August 6, 2009
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